YouTube/First Lite Hunting Apparel

First Lite Proves How 'Tough' Whitetail Hunting in Nebraska Really Is

When the going gets tough, the tough get going in this First Lite hunting video.

There are decisions and choices we make in the hunting world that can make things easier, or a whole lot harder.

Sometimes the decisions are made for us, like the style we're dictated. It may be regulations, terrain, weather, or health that determine what we do, where we do it, and (to an extent) our odds of success in accomplishing our hunting goals.

Your background and your experience helps make those decisions, or at least make them achievable. That's certainly the case for the subject of this new video from First Lite, Jordan Budd, who owns Running Water Hunting in rural Nebraska.

Watch and you'll understand what it means when they say "The hunting's tough in these parts."

By now the First Lite name has become synonymous with the hunting world, especially in the modern, digital age of direct to consumer retail. The company has done a great job of highlighting what makes them and their gear great, while showing their true experience and dedication quality above all else.

The film production is fantastic, the apparel stands up, and the story they're telling is always a good one.

What sort of tough hunting have you experienced? Is it in your home state, or was it from a trip you made in the past, and you'll never forget? Were the hills extra steep? Did you sit through fog or a snow storm? Were all the animals you saw out of season?

All of us can relate, and that's what makes hunting such a priceless practice.

When things get tough, there's always a way to make it happen. You learn from what happens, and make the decisions that success depends on.

Without a doubt, this video captures that.