Wild Places

First Lite Film Shows What It's Like to Hunt the Last Wild Places

This is how we reconnect with who we used to be. 

Every now and then, a hunting film gets it right. These days, it's hard to watch a hunting show on television or YouTube. All too often, the kill and the gear is what you find glorified, rather than the journey of the hunt. This video from First Lite captures the entire spirit of adventure that hunters yearn for every time they head into the great outdoors in search of far-off wilderness.

If this video doesn't make you want to to embark on your own incredible hunting adventure, perhaps you should take up a different sport.

Watch the video below:

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Very recently, I spent six days on an elk hunt in a very remote part of Western Colorado. At one point, we were 7 miles back on public land in a spike camp away from everyone and everything. It was awesome. However, that has nothing on what the guys did in this video. A hunt like that takes hunting wild places to an entirely different level.

Next year, we're going to hunt Wyoming. Again, we'll be far away from civilization, but not far enough away that we would be truly amassed in some seriously wild places. As I sit here and write this article, I think I can now admit I'm probably just not cut out for a trip like you just saw. As much as I love hunting, some things are just more than what I'm willing to put myself through.