First Deer Double
YouTube: The Breaking Point TV

Young Girl Doubles Up on Does With Dad, Then Bags First Buck

There's something special about a young person's first deer. It's an experience that brings us closer with nature and one that no one is sure to soon forget. We just appreciate the fact many state wildlife agencies are now letting young hunters get their feet wet sooner rather than later. Young Nora Maves gets her first chance to go hunting with her father Chad in this video from the Breaking Point TV. They end up showcasing two hunts in this short video. In the first hunt Chad and Nora double up on does in an early season crossbow hunt. A feat made more impressive simply because of all the noise Nora's younger sister is making in the blind. After the shot, Chad sees the deer laying in the field, but doesn't tell Nora, letting the two sisters blood trail it themselves. Once they find it, Nora cries tears of joy over her first deer.

In the second hunt, Nora gets the chance to take her first buck ever, a young 8-pointer. She ends up making a good shot, but they let the deer lay up overnight anyway before recovering it the next day. These are two of the most adorable hunts you'll ever see on video.

This is what hunting is all about, making memories with the family. The memory of these two hunts will last even longer due to the fact they filmed the whole thing. They'll be looking back at these two hunts for years. We're sure Nora will harvest some bigger whitetails during her career, but we're betting these two hunts will be dad's favorite. We don't know many hunters who can say their first deer came on a double with dad. How cool was that?

Those girls did a good job of trailing these deer too. It's great that Chad just stood back and let them take the lead on all three tracking jobs. Those girls learned some valuable lessons on tracking a wounded deer. Lessons that will last a lifetime. Congratulations to Nora on her first doe and buck! We're guessing they are just the first of many to come!

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