First Buck Ohio 350
YouTube: Hunt Your Way

12-Year-Old Drops Her First Buck Using 350 Legend in Ohio Youth Season

Youth hunting seasons have really opened the doors for more young hunters to get out in the woods and experience success. Almost every state has some form of youth season that gets kids in the woods before the adults and gives them a good chance at bagging their first deer ever. Ohio is one of those states and if you needed further proof of the positive effect youth seasons can do for hunting, look no further than this great video from YouTuber Hunt Your Way. He takes his 12-year-old daughter Savanna out in hopes of bagging her first buck, and it ends up being a short hunt. After a younger buck fails to give a chance for a clean shot, a nice 8-pointer wanders onto the scene and gets within 35 yards of Savanna, which is basically a chip shot for the straight-wall 350 Legend she's using.

After making a perfect shot, the buck runs up the hill a short distance before dying. As father and daughter are packing up to go recover her deer, another nice buck wanders by and makes a fresh rub right next to her buck's body. It all makes for an incredibly memorable morning in the Ohio woods!

This is one of those rare times where a hunt plays out exactly the way it was drawn up when the blind was placed. That buck offered a perfect opportunity for the young hunter, and her cool and calm response resulted in her first buck and put venison in the freezer for her family. This is yet another testament to the 350 Legend, too. It has effectively become the cartridge of choice for deer hunters in Midwestern states with straight wall cartridge laws. It's also a great round for youth hunters because of the light recoil.

It really doesn't get much better than this. You've got to love the way her hands were shaking after the shot. It looks like another young hunter is hooked on the tradition. The fact they filmed this hunt is just going to make it even more memorable in the future once she's older and they're looking back at this hunt together. Chalk up another win for youth hunting seasons, they're helping to keep the tradition alive with a new generation!

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