First Bear
YouTube: Outdoors International

Kid's Reaction to Shooting His First Bear Ever is What Hunting is All About

With the weather finally warming up, we're getting into spring and summer black bear hunting season. It's a perfect time of year to introduce a younger hunter to the tradition. The weather is usually mild, making it much easier and more comfortable for youngsters to sit for long periods of time in the woods. Then, when you do get a bear into range, it makes for one of the most intense big game hunts in North America.  Today's video showcases one young hunter looking for his first ever black bear with his dad. What makes this youth hunt even more impressive is the fact he's using a compound bow to try and make this harvest.

The father and son don't need to wait long before a beautiful brown color phase bear shows up to their bait site. The bruin takes its time chowing down and forces the youngster to wait an agonizing 25 minutes before it finally turns and offers a shot. When it does, this young hunter makes the most of it with a perfect shot that sends the bear wheeling before it crashes into the underbrush. The young hunter stays calm after the shot, that is until they hear the bear's death moan. Then he's hit with a sudden wave of emotion that's an excellent reminder of what hunting is all about.

We think it's safe to say this kid is going to be hooked on hunting forever after a hunt like that. He held it together rather well after the shot until he realized the bear was down for good. Not many people can say they harvested their first bear with archery equipment, especially this young. It's clear he's had some good teaching on exactly what to do in this scenario. It takes a tremendous amount of patience for any hunter to hold still that long while waiting for a shot.

There are some valid concerns out there about not enough younger hunters taking up the tradition. However, it's videos like these that give us a little bit of hope that the future is still bright for hunting and conservation in general. We hope this bear was simply the first of many to come for this young man.

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