Fire Lookout House
YouTube: FLORB

Fire Lookout House Offers Spectacular Views of the Oregon Wilderness

This home modeled after a fire lookout offers incredible views of the wilderness.

More and more people are moving towards downsizing and getting rid of all the things in life that they do not need. This has led to the larger trend of tiny house living, where many people save a ton of money by living with limited possessions, going off-grid, and trying to reconnect better with nature.

It is probably a healthy philosophy to have. Less material goods, and more nature is going to lead to less stress. Especially when you surround yourself with some incredible views.

The house in today's video was built specifically to take in the majesty of the forests of Oregon. The owners of this home decided to take the concept of a fire lookout tower for a home. The result is a 40-foot-high bird's eye view of the surrounding wild spaces that is hard to beat!

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With the multiple levels and modern features like a stove and running water, this lookout tower home is a few steps above the standard fire tower, which for the most part, are spartan at best in terms of features. Mostly because many fire lookout towers are only meant to be used seasonally and not as a year-round forever home. The obvious space saver here is the lack of the Osborne fire finder device that lookouts use to help direct crews to the location of a forest fire.

There is a real simplicity to this home that we dig though. Every inch of the walls above the windows is used efficiently for storage and there is no wasted space. The only downside we see is the lack of bathroom facilities at the top. Some people may not relish the idea of running down 40 feet of stairs in them middle of the night when nature calls.

However, if you can get used to roughing it, it looks like an awesome design and an amazing place to live. This is not the first time we have heard of people converting fire lookouts into a home. If you can find a disused one at a great price, it may be a viable option for that hunting cabin, weekend getaway of your dreams.

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