Here's How Cats Would React If Their Owner Dropped Dead

To answer the question of how cats would react if their owner dropped dead, Cole and Marmalade take part in an unusual experiment. 

There's a lot of talk going around the Internet right now about how cats would react if their owner dropped dead. Some cat lovers are certain their cats would be worried and upset, while others are pretty certain their cats might not even notice. Well, Cole and Marmalade are here to answer the question of just what cats would do if their owner dropped dead.

When their dad lies down on the floor and doesn't respond to them, Cole and Marmalade have a chance to show how they really feel. How do you think they'll react? Take a look and find out!

Well, Cole and Marmalade didn't appear to be super concerned. They were a bit inquisitive, but their focus seemed to be on the cardboard boxes nearby, rather than on trying to wake their dad.

Now, this may not be the most accurate video. Their dad laid down rather quietly, without much drama. I can attest that cats care more than they let on. I recently had a medical condition that caused me to collapse to the floor, and my two cats came rushing to my side. They remained there while I tried to get up to eventually call an ambulance. Both my cats were intensely focused on me, and when the issue reoccurred a few weeks later, they did the exact same thing, meowing at me and sticking unusually close by my side.

Maybe Cole and Marmalade didn't pick up on the fact that something was actually wrong with their dad because, well, nothing was actually wrong. Something tells me they might react differently in a genuine emergency. Their senses are more powerful than we think!

How do you think your cats would react if you were in trouble? Let us know in the comments. 

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