Keep Your Ferret Active and Stimulated With These Top-Rated Ferret Toys

There's nothing quite like seeing a brand new fun toy during playtime.

Ferrets require a lot of attention and mental stimulation, but fortunately, they can be easily entertained. Playing with your ferret is not only a great bonding moment, but it also helps keep them active as well. Ferret toys are a great way to add variety into playtime and keep your ferret intrigued.

Check out these awesome ferret toys below!

Best Ferret Toys

1. MidWest Homes for Pets

This adorable cozy cube hangs from the top of your ferret's cage and is perfect for playing or hanging out in. Climbing is a great exercise for your pet ferret. They will love climbing into this cube-shaped hammock and using it as a hideout spot.

This toy is compatible with most small pet cages.

2. Marshall Pet Products Ferret Swiming Pool

Cardboard boxes can be fun, but if you want to add a new way to play, check out this ferret swimming pool. I can definitely see a ferret taking a nice dip into this swimming pool during the summer months. I love that you can turn this playpen into a swimming pool or a ball pit! All you have to do is add some plastic balls and watch your ferret have the time of its life.

Check out these ball toys to add to this pool.

3. Kumikiwa Cat Tunnel Bed

Make playtime even more fun with this tunnel toy. If you have more than one ferret, they will love chasing each other in this ferret tunnel. The dangling plush toy acts as a teaser toy and an extra layer of fun.

If your ferret loves the sound of a paper bag, they will love the crinkly noise of this tunnel. Throw a couple of ping pong balls in the tunnel and watch your ferret chase them!

4. Antidious Interactive Pet Treat Game

A bored pet can lead to behavioral issues. If your ferret is not that into toys but loves to snack on treats, this slow feeder serves as an interactive toy. Your ferret's mind will stay stimulated as they try to access their favorite snacks and treats.

If you have more than one pet, you can use this slow feeder as a dog or cat toy as well.

5. Roundler Small Animal Tunnel

Ferret owners who love to spoil their pets will love this pet toy set from Amazon! You get a 39-inch long tube, three ferret balls, and a pack of stick chew toys. This is the ultimate entertainment set. If your ferret loves to run and hide, this tunnel is perfect for them.

If your ferret is a chewer, the sticks and grass balls are safe to chew on.

After your ferret is worn out from playtime, check out this fortified Kaytee ferret food to fill their tummies.

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