Feral Cat Nonprofit Asks for Donations to Make Outdoor Cat Houses

Winter is tough for outdoor cats, so a nonprofit is seeking donations to help make outdoor cat houses.

Mark and Jill Brogan, founders of Weston Friends of Ferals and Strays in West Virginia, are reaching out to the public for help. Mark and Jill are asking for donations to make outdoor cat houses, called "warm boxes."

These warm boxes are fairly cheap and easy to make. But before you make one of your own, Weston Friends of Ferals and Strays offers some additional advice:

"Please make two holes in this box, one in the front on one side and one in the back on the opposite side. The cats need an escape route in case cornered by a predator while inside. Also, please do not use any cloth material to line the house. It can get wet and freeze, that makes it almost impossible to retain any body heat. Use STRAW to line these houses with. Also just be sure to use a brick or heavy object to hold them upright in case of high winds."

Local residents have already begun to create these warm boxes. The boxes help outdoor cats survive the frigid temperatures and should be placed inconspicuously in areas where the cats already live.


If you would like to help Weston Friends of Ferals and Strays keep outdoor cats warm this winter, they are accepting donations of plastic and styrofoam bins as well as straw. Contact them via Facebook for more information.

Do you have outdoor cats nearby that could benefit from a warm box? Tell us in the comments.

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