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Feast Your Eyes on this Monster 17lb 2oz California Bass

california bass

California has coughed up some giant bass in 2017, including this 17lb 2oz bruiser.

Talk about a memory-making catch for Gary Wasson. This avid bass angler recently hauled in a monster largemouth, tipping the scales at 17 pounds, 2 ounces. Hauled from the depths of Kaweah Lake in California, this is one heck of a bass to ogle over.

Details are scarce on the momentous catch, but we do know it was caught on an EcoPro A-Rig full of Keitech 4" Easy Shiners in Silver Flash. It was also released to fight another day, which we whole-heartedly applaud.

Here's the release video - also featuring a fish-licking canine:

It's been a great year for big bass already. We recently featured Nick Dulleck's potential world record spotted bass, caught from New Bullards Bar Reservoir, that weighed an unbelievable 11 pounds, 4 ounces.

Great to see this fish safely released to fight another day, albeit with a few traces of sloppy dog slime.

Will we see a twenty-pound fish caught in California this year? Any guesses?


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Feast Your Eyes on this Monster 17lb 2oz California Bass