white moose
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Famous White Moose of Sweden Sentenced To Be Put Down, But Petition Saves It

Seems like it was always just a matter of time for this unfortunate white moose. 

Do you remember earlier in the year when this white moose captivated social media? Well, unfortunately, tourists and residents in Sweeden can't leave it alone. According to the reports, a person was charged by this moose while walking her dogs. She was okay, but she did suffer a dislocated shoulder. Now, the police say it has go to keep the public safe.

Many people have been treating this moose like it's a tame pet, but it's absolutely wild. Just like in Yellowstone Park, people unfamiliar with nature can ruin a good thing and now this moose has to die because of it. But, the police gave the residents in the area the chance to chase the moose away so it could relocate to a more remote area. If that doesn't work though, the police said they would take action.

Shortly after the report was issued, an online petition to save the moose went viral. More than 36,000 signatures all demanded the moose be spared. With that much public outcry, the police rescinded their order and for now, the moose is saved.

For now, all is well in regards to this incredible white moose. It's been there for a time already. Hopefully, people will leave it alone to avoid any more confrontation. It would be terrible to see such a waste.