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Thousands of Families Forced to Dig up Dead Pets After Cemetery Loses Lease

When a pet cemetery closes, thousands are forced to dig up pet remains. This isn't supposed to ever happen. You trust where the dead are buried and the place you choose for your family members. What happened here?

This is like something out of a horror movie.

In Brighton, Michigan this is actually happening. Families that chose Heavenly Acres Pet Cemetery, as a final resting place for their animals now need to make some hard decisions. The land was leased, and that lease is now up.

Families are now being forced to either walk away or dig up the remains.

In interviews with Fox2 News, the land is characterized as a beautiful place in the country. Families visit the grave frequently and it cost one family $800 to bury their pet. Most clients didn't realize it wasn't covered by a land deed.

Some feel they were taken advantage of during a time of grief. Time is now running out for some of the families.

In the interview with Fox 2 News, a woman says she does not know where all of their pets are buried. They have to choose from nine different days between now and September to go exhume their cat, Bailey.  

Dead pets shouldn't need to be buried twice as their passing is devastating, to begin with, this news about having to find a new burial site for family pets is horrible.

Bailey's family said good-bye to their cat in a beautiful room then the remains of their beloved pets were buried on-site in the pet cemetery. This should be a serene final resting place but instead, it's now a story out of a Stephen King novel.

What happened here? These Michigan families are forced to make impossible decisions this month. What would you do? Where will these people take the remains of their pets? Hopefully, there is another animal cemetery nearby. Forcing families to dig up remains seems like the absolute worse thing I can imagine. I'm so sorry for these families forced to dig up these remains. My heart goes out to the woman who buried, Bailey, their 21-year-old cat.

From photos on Facebook, you can see some beautiful burial ceremonies.

Have you buried your pets at a pet cemetery? Please leave a comment below. 

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