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YouTube: mountainrdscott02

Hunter Walks Right Up on Apparently Sick Buck to Put It Out of Its Misery

This hunter finds himself in an extremely close and strange encounter with a whitetail buck before harvesting it.

It is extremely hard to get close to mature bucks. Their years of knowledge, an incredible sense of smell and what seems like a sixth sense allow them to predict danger and flee from hunters all around. If you try to walk up to one, odds are it will be gone in the blink of an eye. That's just not something any predator can get away with.

That is what makes this video so interesting. How often can you walk up to within just a few feet of a wild animal?

It is almost certain that this deer was ill in some shape or form. This buck could have become blind, contracted a disease such as EHD that was hindering its ability to notice danger, etc.

Either way, this is some rare footage.

Given the state of mind that the buck was in, it was an ethical and correct plan of action for the hunter to harvest the deer. This way, the animal was not forced to suffer from the sickness, wander around lost in the woods, or fall victim to a predator. And death from a mountain lion, bobcat or pack of coyotes would have been much more painful than a shotgun.

Some might find this video hard to watch because of the close range and seeming helplessness of the deer, but killing the buck was the right decision.

A hunter could spend 100 years in the woods and be hard pressed to ever run across a situation like this one here. "Extremely rare" is the only way to describe it.

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