Shed Antlers
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Lucky Shed Hunter Finds 4 Antlers From 3 Different Bucks in a 30-Yard Radius

It doesn't get much better than this while shed hunting.

As we get into the late winter here, many deer hunter's minds are turning towards searching for the dropped antlers of the bucks that successfully got away last season. It adds a lot to the history and the chase of certain deer when you can hold one of their cast antlers in your hands, knowing you'll likely get another shot at them next season.

If you're a die-hard shed hunter, you've likely had a dream or two about finding multiple antlers in one spot. It happens to me every year about this time. You know the dream. It's the one where you walk into your favorite spot and there are antlers seemingly everywhere.

Yep, I get disappointed every time I wake up from that one. However, the hunter in this video got to experience it for real while checking trail cameras. He documents the whole experience as he picks up not one, not two, not three, but FOUR shed antlers only about 30 yards from one another.

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A matched set plus two singles, and they're all from bucks you've been following all season? This is the stuff every shed hunter hopes to accomplish each season. We must agree, those two larger bucks were probably doing some late season sparring when they knocked each other's antlers loose. It's not often you find two antlers from different deer that close. I've been shed hunting over 20 years and have only managed to do that once with a couple of spikes from different deer.

It was probably just an incredible amount of good luck that the other buck managed to shed both sides about 30 yards away. This video speaks volumes about the importance of good food sources in the late winter months when the deer are actively seeking out food.

The rest of the video was equally entertaining. That is the way to start out a shed hunting season. It certainly has us itching to hit the woods as soon as possible!

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