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Mark Drury Arrows Buck of the Century at 5 Yards

100% wild, 100% free chase, Mark Drury takes down a buck they named “Danger,” and it is incredible. All 217 inches of it.

Drurys seem to have this deer hunting thing figured out. Year in and year out, their social media pages get flooded with monster bucks hitting the dirt.

The Mad Man Mark Drury outdid himself this year as he arrowed his biggest Iowa buck to date. On his 27th wedding anniversary, his loving wife let him enter the woods, because she knew he had a chance at a buck of the century.

Danger was at the wrong place at the wrong time, and the rest is history. At just five yards and all on film, Mark puts down a true blue fair chase Iowa giant!

Drury’s went live on Facebook to break the news for all too see: listen how it all came to fruition.

Here’s the video:

Harvesting a buck that you have years of history with can be very rewarding. With hundreds of photos and videos of this buck, they were able to put a fairy-tale ending to the 5.5 year old studs story.

Perseverance, quality management, and hard work can lead to some great things in the whitetail woods. This is just more proof of that.

And now, Mark has 217 reasons to celebrate. Deer of that magnitude don’t come around very often. Mass, tons of points, and a lot of character… Danger had it all.

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Mark Drury Arrows Buck of the Century at 5 Yards