porsche shooting
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Extreme Target Shooting: From a Moving Porsche

If you want to do some extreme target shooting, it doesn't get much more extreme than Philip Thorrold shooting clay pigeons from a moving Porsche.

Target shooting is something that is both fun and functional; no matter how well you're doing it, you are more than likely improving your shooting ability in some form or fashion. Whether you are just out plinking with your .22 or taking your bow out to get tuned up for the next hunting season, it will all help in the long run. But if you want to take it to the extreme, you might want to try target shooting from a moving Porsche.

While most of us don't have a Porsche, or even a vehicle with a skeet shooter mounted to it, shooting on the move is something many of us could definitely do with practicing more. Just make sure you do it safely; one thing you really  don't want is a Porsche filled with bullet holes because your aim was off.

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