Can You Ricochet a Ricochet? What About Ricocheting the Ricochet of a Ricochet?

When we think ricochet, we usually think danger. But can a ricochet be directed and actually used as a bullet?

When we are planning our hunting lanes or setting up our targets for a little range practice, we often think of a ricochet as one of the things on our safety list.

What we don't often do is think about using the ricochet to actually hit our target. And to be honest unless you are planning some trick shots you probably never will, but unless you watch this video you'll always be left wondering if you can actually ricochet a ricochet?

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After watching that, the possibilities seem almost limitless.

Of course, unless you are taking extra safety measures, it's never smart to just start shooting at steel plates with no idea of where the bullet is heading. But as long as you take time to plan out your shots you can probably come up with some incredible, unthinkable shots, that you can actually hit.

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