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10 Videos From 22Plinkster You Need to See [VIDEO]

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Trick shots are an amazing display of accuracy and 22Plinkster has some amazing ones. Here are 10 22Plinkster videos you need to see.

If you are into shooting, you have probably at least heard of 22plinkster. If not then you need to. He has an awesome channel on Youtube through which he showcases a new video each week. Many, but not all of his videos feature one of the most popular rounds to shoot; the .22.

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So if you are looking for ideas for trick shots to impress your friends, or just a personal challenge to help improve your shooting ability and accuracy, check out these 10 22plinkster videos you need to see.

1. Nail Driving

Seriously, who needs a hammer?

2. .45 Colt Through a CD Hole

Now you have a use for that old case full of scratched CDs.

3. .22LR vs Silly String

I wonder what 22plinkster’s birthdays are like…

4. .22LR Tracers Out of a 12-Gauge

That’s some useful information for sure.

5. How Many Rounds of .22 to Break Bulletproof Glass?

You’ve always wanted to know, and here’s your answer.

6. 500 Yard Shot With a .22LR Pistol

They said it couldn’t be done, but there you have it.

7. Archery Arrow Into a .308 Casing

One of the more unique videos from 22plinkster.

8. Can You Shoot Through a McDonalds Straw?

This is a personal favorite. How do you even think of that?

9. Will a .22LR Go Through a Tire?

I guess it depends on the tire, but interesting nonetheless.

10. And a Little Shooting Montage To Send You Out On

Now that you are properly motivated, grab your most trusted .22 and that secret box of ammo (yeah we know you have one) and go see how many of these amazing shots you can duplicate, or even better, top.

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10 Videos From 22Plinkster You Need to See [VIDEO]