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Is it Possible to Shoot Through the Bearing on a Fidget Spinner?

through the bearing
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Yes, fidget spinners are the new, exciting toy... now we figure out many different ways we can use them for trick shots; today we try to shoot through the bearing.

Over the past few weeks we've seen plenty of different uses for fidget spinners start to emerge. Everything from using them to help start a survival fire to shooting a playing card in half as it spins around on one. But now .22Plinkster has been challenged to something he thinks is even harder than shooting the spinning card; to shoot through the bearing hole on a fidget spinner.

While the seemingly universal response to this shot is, "Now do it while it's spinning." Let's take a minute to appreciate the beauty of the trick shot that .22Plinkster has pulled off. The inside of that bearing is only a fraction of an inch larger in diameter than the round that is going through it and he is shooting it with a pistol from a standing position. Hitting this shot required an enormous amount of skill, but we're going to go out on a limb and say that no matter how much skill is involved, to do this shot while the spinner is spinning would require pure luck.

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Is it Possible to Shoot Through the Bearing on a Fidget Spinner?