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10 Shooting Trick Shot Videos You Have to See to Believe

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Anyone with a gun and a camera can make a shooting video; but here are 10 shooting trick shot videos you have to see to believe.

Let’s face it, some people are just better at shooting than others. One of the biggest reasons for that is those people have spent countless hours practicing and perfecting their hobby so that they are the best at what they love to do.

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So, for those of us who may not have the time, money, or resources to put in quite as much practice as others, we have to leave it up to them to entertain us with amazing videos showing off their enhanced skills.

Check out these 10 shooting trick shot videos you have to see to believe.

1. Pistol Over Shoulder

This one comes from FPS Russia and shows how, with plenty of practice, you can manage to hit a target while looking in a mirror and shooting over your shoulder.

2. 1,o00 Yard 9mm Shot

Jerry Miculek takes shooting handguns to an entirely new level when he successfully sets a world record by nailing a target at 1,000 yards with a 9mm pistol.

3. Splitting Bullets

This is a trick that takes an extreme amount of accuracy. To be accurate enough to split bullets shows that your concentration is better than most. And the best part is, he does it twice.

4. Curve a Bullet, Split a Card

The man known as 22Plinkster shows us how he uses a metal conduit to curve a bullet 90-degrees and then split a playing card in half with it.

5. More Than One Way To Shoot a Clay Pigeon

This young man shows us that your imagination is the limit when it comes to shooting skeet. He demonstrates numerous examples of ways that he has practiced that all show off his reflexes and excellent shooting ability.

6. Two Spinning Nickels

After being challenged to attempt to shoot two spinning quarters, this marksman ups the ante and goes for nickels instead. The challenge being to shoot them both off the table before they stop spinning.

7. Eraser Off a Pencil

This is an outstanding trick shot to practice. The object is to shoot the eraser off of the pencil without damaging the pencil. What makes it so difficult is that at any distance, the eraser is almost invisible. Check out what this shooter does to overcome that obstical.

8. “Impossible” 200 Yard Shot

Bob Munden shows us that a self-defense “belly-gun” can be used for much more than close range shots. Watch as he hits a “belly” at 20o Yards with a short barrel pistol.

9. Firing a 12-Gauge Shell With a BB-Gun

You know you’ve always wondered what would happen. Now thanks to DemolutionRanch, you don’t have to wait any longer. Check out this awesome trick shot to see what works.

10. The Mouse Trap

We’ve saved the best for last. Old Lady Shooter shows us that anyone can make trick shots, not just the stereotypical male shooter. I love the reaction that she has, not only when she makes the shot, but also in the process of setting the shot up; definitely worth a watch.

Hopefully you have enjoyed this collection of 10 shooting trick shot videos you have to see to believe, I know I enjoyed putting them together.

If you are anything like me, this will inspire you to put on your thinking cap, eye, and ear protection and head out and start practicing some trick shots of your own. Who knows, you could be on the front page of Wide Open Spaces soon.

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10 Shooting Trick Shot Videos You Have to See to Believe