Photo courtesy of Fishbrain

Exclusive: Fishbrain to Become World’s First Fish Species Recognition App

The Fishbrain fishing app is making serious waves.

In a stunning announcement, the fishing world will now have access to a revolutionary technology, the first of its kind, to immediately identify your catch via the Fishbrain App.

Fishbrain told me via e-mail that Individual anglers can now confirm their catch and log it into the Fishbrain community immediately using both their Android or IOS phones. Species that they are not as familiar with, and more so, unique and threatened fishes can now be named with some certainty.

Founder and CEO Johan Attby said via press release:

"Whether you're new to fishing or simply casting a line into new waters, it can be hard to properly log your catch if you don't know what you've caught. By adding even more intelligence into our app so we can automatically identify catches using the photos anglers are already taking, we're making sure that every fish reeled in can be tracked  as quickly and easily as possible so anglers can focus on catching more fish and having more fun!"


In addition to the fish recognition feature, Fishbrain also will add a new tool called 'Fishing Intelligence' which is a new mapping system meant to replace to original. The new FI will be more interactive in helping users to find the most common species and the tops baits used in their region, and in fact anywhere in the world!


Since the Fishbrain App community has spoken, Fishbrain will also add more lure selections into the app as well. All this will make for a marked improvement and ease of use for social media anglers everywhere.

Fishbrain is the largest and most popular fishing app in the world with over three million users to date. As a social network for fishermen its reach extends around the globe from beginners to elite pro anglers.

Fishbrain is fast becoming an incredibly valuable tool with species recognition, fishing forecasts, and bait recommendations. Fishbrain asked me via e-mail to mention that when you're using the app, you can watch for "tips and tricks from pro ambassadors like Roland Martin, Jimmy Houston, Mike "Ike" Iaconelli, April Vokey and Robert Field." Pretty cool!

The Stockholm, Sweden-based app can be downloaded from the App Store, or the Google Play Store. Fishbrain can be followed on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well.

All photos provided courtesy of Fishbrain.