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FishBrain – Social Fishing Forecast App Review [PICS]

Images via FishBrain

Can an app help you catch more fish? FishBrain thinks so. 

FishBrain is the largest community-based fishing app in the world. With FishBrain you can compete with your friends and strangers to become King of the Water.

FishBrain gives you all the information that you need to know when the fish are biting, what bait they are hitting, and where it’s all going down. Don’t want to give away your secret fishing spot? The app can keep your GPS location private while letting you share your trophy photo.


FishBrain gathers all the data you need automatically. One app does it all!


Instant updates from other anglers let you know what’s working on what species. Every fish that is added creates a more accurate fishing forecast.


When you add your catch you will be instantly notified where your fish ranks from locally with your friends to state and country wide.


Follow your friends and specific fishing holes to get updates on who is catching what.

Keep track of your success!

FishBrain is avalible on the App Store and Google Play.
Images via FishBrain

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FishBrain – Social Fishing Forecast App Review [PICS]