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Matching Big Brown Elk Sheds Equals a Successful Shed Hunt

Hushin and MTN OPS cap off a great outing with a monster set of matched elk sheds.

Eric Chesser of Hushin takes his friends from MTN OPS out to the mountains for a some shed antler hunting.

In this video, the guys from MTN OPS are new to the shed-hunting game. This is the first time for most of them, and they're hoping to break the ice with some antlers of their own.

It doesn't take too long before Eric is on the board with a nice "little six."

Then, the guys get super excited when the two brothers from MTN OPS, Jordan and Casey, each find the matching sides of brown elk antlers to make a set. Then they find another brown set!

Watch the video below:

Part II of the video set is a capper. Matt from Mtn Ops loses his elk-shed virginity by glassing a big white one, while Eric and Casey are across the valley from where Eric glassed a monster brownie.

They then retrieve the beautiful horn for Matt. But when Eric sees his shed, both he and Casey are blown away by the size of the antler.

"I've found a lot of horns, guys. I have not found a big one like this for...a long time," says Eric. It is a monster. Now they need to match it.

It's pretty exciting and pretty dang cool. Three matching brown elk sheds and a handful of other antlers means these guys had .a very, very good day of elk shed hunting.

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