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Exciting Alaskan Wolf Hunt Footage

Smaller wolf killed by the author
Smaller wolf killed by the author, Cody Wegener

Most predator callers target coyotes or foxes, but this hunter takes it to the next level and kills a wolf.

Whenever wolves are brought up in conversation, there are a few different viewpoints on them. Some see them as majestic beasts; others see them as almost spiritual beings. If you are a deer hunter, however, you should see them as vicious competition for a food source. On average, one wolf will eat between 15-25 deer every year. They can also come into rural areas and become a danger to residents and their pets. When I was younger, I was walking out to my parents' chicken coop in the morning to get eggs, and I ended up 15 feet away from a wolf. Luckily, it spooked and ran away, but it doesn't always work that way.

Most wolves that get killed are caught in traps or snares. Every once in a while, though, someone will shoot one. Where I grew up in southeast Alaska, they are usually seen on the beach and become targets of opportunity. If they do get called in, it is usually by howling back and forth with the pack. Further North from us, trappers might run into them on snow machines. Some people, however, as you will see in the video, will actually target wolves. I have never used an e-caller for wolves, but after watching this video I might give it a try this year.

If you have a wolf season in your area and you enjoy eating deer, consider giving wolf hunting a try.

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Exciting Alaskan Wolf Hunt Footage