boys double

The Excitement from These Boys After They Double Up Will Make You Smile

These boys double up in thrilling fashion as these gobblers come in on a string. 

Turkey hunting is arguably one of the most thrilling hunts one can experience. The best part is that the thrill can be accomplished several different ways. These boys double up on these gobblers, not giving these longbeards a second chance.

I don't want to spoil this video, but this would have any hunter's heart pounding. Enjoy!


How about that? These two boys may have just experienced the turkey hunt of their lives. These birds saw the real turkey fan and were coming in for some action gobbling their heads off.

They nearly ran past the hunters they were moving so fast.

Unfortunately, the birds came in so fast that they could not put on the breaks. This is what makes turkey hunting so much fun. The best part has to be witnessing the boys' excitement as they just accomplished what very few hunters can accomplish.

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