overloaded shotgun
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What Exactly Will a Very Overloaded Shotgun Do When You Pull the Trigger?

We know you shouldn't shoot an overloaded shotgun, but what would happen if you did? You know you want to find out the answer.

We've probably all wondered at some point, (probably after we've just missed a bird that we should have hit) what would happen if we just filled the gun to the brim for our next shot. Well, luckily for us Demolition Ranch has also had that same question and decided to find out for us so we don't have to. Take a look and see what happens when the trigger is pulled on a completely overloaded shotgun.

We think it's safe to say that taking a shot with an overloaded shotgun is not the best way to fix your problem of missing your target. More time on the range would probably be the better solution to that. Of course if the range is not currently fun enough, or enough of a challenge for you you could always step up your shotgun shooting game.

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