hunt late season rabbits

Everything You Need to Know About Late-Season Rabbit Hunting

Late rabbit season is the perfect time to hunt.

Weather can be an ally to the careful hunter.

These five tips will help you hunt late-season rabbits.

1. Release the hounds

Beagles are extremely useful at sniffing the swift fluffy hide and go seek champions of the brush piles. Well-trained dogs will eventually root out tight-sitting rabbits.

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2. Snow is your friend

Snow allows hunters to track rabbits right to where they live. It also allows the brown rabbits to stand out against an all-white background.

3. Pack an open choked shotgun

Most rabbit hunters are over-choked for rabbits while using shotguns. Look at chokes of improved cylinder or similar for up-close rabbit shooting. Most shooting is done up close and personal and not across a field. You'll want an even spread of No. 6 shot over a wider area with no holes to miss your quarry with. Try that tip and connect with more bunnies.

4. Heavy hunting clothes armor against thorns

It sure is a lot easier pushing through thick brush and thorns while clad in heavy clothes. In lighter weather you'll certainly shed more blood while trying to push through that same rough area.

5. Take your time

The slower hunter often gets more rabbits. That hunter takes more time on each brush pile. The constant presence of the hunter will cause a weary rabbit to flush more often than a quick hunter passing through will.

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