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Late Season Rabbit Hunting Tips

The Times/UK

When the frost is on the pumpkin, it’s time for rabbit thumpin’! 

These tips will help you get those late season rabbits.

Late season rabbits are a game of usually hunting in snow. This is a big plus as there is a tell-tale sign that rabbits are in the area if you find their tracks and scat. Examining the trails, you will notice that they like to fan out from main trails to feed, but they use the main trails to travel. These main trails are golden to the rabbit hunter.


As the snow deepens, rabbits will make-snow tunnels in which they feed and travel, especially during the day when predators abound. The wise late-season rabbit hunter will use hounds to root out the rabbits, and place “standers,” which are hunters standing ready for a shot with a shotgun, on the highly-traveled trails and then they remain motionless until they take the shot.

The equally wise, though dog-poor hunter, becomes his own dog to root out the rabbits in thick cover. Using his boots, he stomps through the brush and snow to flush the rabbits out. Once the rabbit flushes, an open choked shotgun with size #6 shot can put the hasenpfeffer on the table.

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Dress in layers, wear wool socks and a good warm hat and be sure to wear hunter orange to stay safe on your late season rabbit safari and good luck out there!

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Late Season Rabbit Hunting Tips