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5 Vintage Outdoor Books Every Hunter Should Read

Classic outdoors books are a wealth of knowledge that every hunter can use to hone their outdoor skills to a razor's edge.

These 5 books are our top choices that should be read.

1. "SAS Survival Manual"

This is an amazing encyclopedia of outdoor survival and emergency preparedness. With this manual, you will be prepared.

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 2. "Nessmuk: Woodcraft and Camping"

This classic book, originally written nearly a century ago, teaches the perspective woodsman how to become one with the wilderness using Native American skills and to "smooth it" instead of roughing it. Become a better woodsman, and you will be a better hunter.

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3. "The Foxfire Book"

This is an amazing collection of hunting backwoods know-how from years ago that otherwise would have been lost to the ages. The book was such a success after publication in 1972 that a whole series followed. "The Foxfire Book" is a great series and a must-read for anyone who wants to be a true woodsman.

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4. "Sportsman's Guide to Game Animals"

By Leonard Lee Rue 3rd, this book was published in 1968 and has been in my personal library since I was around 14 years old. This amazing book is all about major game animals' habits, breeding, table fare and many other topics. It is my go-to book to determine rut times and assorted questions.



5. "The New Hunter's Encyclopedia"

This truly vintage book, published in 1966, has 1,131 pages! You heard that right! There is no pocket edition of this one. This book is an incredible wealth of knowledge on everything hunting and guns up to that date. Great book!



You will notice that these books are great vintage books written in the past with woodsmanship as the core and not gadgets like range finders, GPSs and trail cameras involved.

While modern technology can be a great tool for the contemporary hunter, the roots of it all are in classic woodsmanship. Build your hunting skills on that foundation, and add technology and you will be a master hunter.

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5 Vintage Outdoor Books Every Hunter Should Read