deer grunt
YouTube: Midwest Whitetail

No Hunter Can Resist This Much Deer Grunting

Pre-rut and rut brings all kinds of excitement to the woods. Listen as this mature buck grunts its head off just a few yards from the stand.

This is the moment all deer hunters have waited for. Pre-rut and rut activity have got mature bucks on the move. Nothing quite gets the heart pumping like hearing a grunt off in the distance.

But what about right under your stand? Midwest Whitetail has an awesome encounter with a buck named Cali who was showing off the vocal chords on this fine October morning.

Watch as this 5-year-old bruiser works his magic!

If you have a few years of hunting under your belt, there's a good chance you have heard a buck grunt. This time of year, using a grunt call can be very beneficial for your hunts.

Bucks are aggressive and in search of those estrus does. Another buck in the area means competition. Use your call to mimic real grunt sequences, and you might just have a brute like Cali knocking on your door.

What an awesome encounter.

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