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Ninja Cat Steals Owner's Chicken Dinner, Then Runs Away

Ever seen a cat steal its owner's dinner? This particular kitty is pretty stealthy and got away with a major heist.  

Some cats keep to themselves and prefer cat food to anything else in the house. But, cat owners know there are those rare kitties who love human food, especially that always-tasty chicken, and these stealthy little furballs pride themselves on stealing food whenever they can. One cat has a lock on the food-stealing game: Eva the Ninja Cat swiped her owner's dinner with one swing of her paw.

Ninja Cat Steals Owner's Dinner


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In this hilarious video, Eva hangs out on her human's shoulder, clearly ready for mealtime. As her owner's food comes up off of his plate, she pushes down on his left hand, which has a knife in it. She does it again and swipes his chicken straight off the fork in his other hand; this cat has been angling to steal food the whole time! We aren't sure which is better: the cat stealing the food or her owner's stunned reaction.

The full video can be seen on the funny cat's TikTok account @evatheninjacat. Pet owners everywhere will be keeping a closer eye on their food after watching this viral video!

One viewer commented, "That cat is a professional thief! Probably one of the best in the whole world." This cat's behavior puts a whole new spin on the term cat burglar! Another commenter said, "Damn, she is fast!"

It's clear that Eva makes a sport out of stealing her owner's food, no matter what it is. This kitty could win an Olympic medal for her efforts. On their TikTok account, Eva has the funniest videos of her interrupting every meal, whether it is chicken or noodles. This kitty has become very comfortable with perching on shoulders, waiting for the perfect moment to pounce. We can see some of these becoming equally funny memes in the future!

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