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Eva Shockey Announces the Gender of Baby Number Two

Eva Shockey and husband Tim Brent are expecting their second child, and it's a...

Boy! When Eva Shockey makes an Instagram announcement, she knows how to get our attention!

She recently took to social media to unveil the gender of her second baby with her husband Tim Brent.

Her little girl and first child, daughter Leni Bow, was born in January 2017. And now, the daughter of hunting icon Jim Shockey, and leading spokesperson for the 21st century outdoor community, is welcoming a baby boy in the coming months.

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Here's part of her blog post that helped share the news:

Can you believe it?!!? I still can't sometimes. He kicks and wiggles and punches and moves non-stop and I am reminded that I probably have a little athlete in there just like Tim (who played pro hockey for 12 years and his mom tells me that he was a crazy baby... oh lord!), which is partly exciting and partly terrifying because he might be a WILD MAN! There is literally never a moment where I'm not reminded that this pregnancy is a miracle-but it is SO DIFFERENT. It's been sooooo opposite from my pregnancy with Leni. With Leni, I didn't have any nausea at all, barely felt any different than normal and honestly just loved being pregnant from start to finish with her. With Baby Boy, the road has been a little bit rockier. I was soooo nauseous for the first three months and narcoleptic tired 24/7, plus I've had crazy food aversions and haven't been able to eat meat or many vegetables for months now... not to mention the fact my baby bump is bigger at 6 months pregnant than it was at nearly 8+ months when I was pregnant with Leni! It's crazy how stark the differences have been!!

Shockey's new baby will enter the world as the son of a former hockey player and a hunting trendsetter.

Being pregnant hasn't slowed Shockey's entrepreneurial, trailblazing spirit, as this recent announcement followed a first time joint venture with MTN OPS with her own line of female-centric supplements, and a signature collection of QALO rings before that.

Eva made her first marks as a hunter with her dad on the Outdoor Channel show Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures. She's since moved on to star in her own Facebook Watch digital series Eva Shockey's Outdoor 101, and rumors have stirred around another Eva-centric show on an outdoor networkk coming soon.

The family lives outside Raleigh, North Carolina.

As far as gender reveals go, this one was a little tame, all things considered.

We still extend our congratulations to the Shockey-Brent family, and happiness and health throughout the rest of the pregnancy and the little one's first few months!

Think he'll become a bowhunter?