Eternal Arms RVL Shotgun

Fascinating Revolver Shotgun Holds Five Rounds of .410 Bore

This .410 shotgun has a fascinating design.

One of the fun things about the world of firearms is the way that the technology is constantly evolving and changing. People love to try new things all the time. Sometimes they work. Sometimes they do not. Either way, it is fun to check out the different things people are attempting with firearms design.

One thing you do not see often is a long gun with a revolving cylinder. For obvious reasons. The gases escaping the cylinder can be dangerous to your hand. However, at least one company developed a nice work-around in the Eternal Arms RVL revolver shotgun.

Never heard of it? We had not either until this video from YouTuber WHO_TEE_WHO. We watched this utterly fascinated by it. Watch as he puts this interesting shotgun through the paces on his home range. It looks like it would be fun on the range and in the field hunting.

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What a cool-looking little shotgun! Note the blast shields on the cylinder that will protect your hand on the forend of the firearm. A simple, yet effective design. It makes sense to try this given the effectiveness and popularity of .410 revolver handguns. We did a little extra research on this gun after the fact. If you have never heard of Eternal Arms before, it seems they are a manufacturer based out of Turkey. It seems this .410 bore is the only revolver shotgun they make. Most of their other offerings are more traditional in nature.

In any case, the Eternal Arms RVL is offered with either a 20 or 28-inch barrel. It can chamber three-inch shells and has a cylinder choke. We love the look of that stock and forend. According to their website, it is high grade Turkish walnut with a glossy shine or matte finish. Despite the extra metal in the receiver for the cylinder, the weight is only about six pounds, which should make it easy for anyone to handle. The overall length is about 44 inches.

It looks like this gun has some nice accuracy too. You could easily use this gun to hunt small game like squirrels one day and turkey the next. Plus, it just looks like fun to shoot at the range. We are sure it would be a conversation starter wherever you take it. We might be adding this one to our own personal wishlist of guns!

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