.410 Turkey
YouTube: Full Quiver Outdoors

.410 Bore Handgun Makes Short Work of Fat Michigan Turkey

A handgun chambered in .410 bore smokes this fat gobbler.

In the turkey hunting world, there has been more of a movement in recent years towards the use of the tiny .410 bore for downing a big gobbler. And why not? The technology for turkey loads from these small shells has improved drastically in the last 10 years or so, helping hunters reach out to greater distances with loads that pattern more tightly than ever before.

It's also a fun option if you're a seasoned turkey hunter who has already seen and done it all with more traditional options. If you're looking for a new challenge, a .410 can help deliver it.

To see what we mean, just watch this short hunting video from Full Quiver Outdoors. Taken in southern Michigan, this hunter drops a big Tom with a Thompson Contender handgun chambered in .410 bore.

There you have it, at 10 yards, a handgun chambered for .410 makes short work of that fat gobbler. Turkey hunting does not get much more exciting than that. Although that was a bit nerve-wracking watching that Tom slowly work his way into range.

Aside from being an effective load for turkeys, there are other reasons the .410 has taken off for early spring gobblers. One of those reasons being that specialty turkey loads cost significantly less in .410 than they do in more traditional, larger turkey shotguns like 12 or 10 gauge. Another reason is the recoil factor. The kick of the little .410 is easily manageable by hunters young and old. This results in more accurate shots and cleaner harvests.

Simply put, there is a lot to love about using the .410 for turkey hunting. Give it a try this season if you're looking for a new challenge and an exciting hunt!

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