Squirrel vs Snake
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Squirrel vs. Snake: A Tiny Battle With an Unexpected Outcome

The title of this YouTube video, "Squirrel vs. Snake," may be a little misleading.

Rodents and reptiles have been enemies ever since the two critters first appeared on the planet. Depending on the size of each creature, there is a natural predator and prey relationship going on there. With most squirrels, the rodents are usually going to be the prey for the serpent.

However, this is not always the case and sometimes the rodent can have the upper hand on one of Earth's most feared reptiles.

In one corner, the squirrel appears to be some species of ground squirrel. In the other corner, the reptile looks to be a bull snake. It isn't clear why these two creatures are fighting, but the outcome may be different than you expect.

There you have it. A rare battle of rodent vs reptile where the mammal came out on top at the end. It helped that this was an extremely small snake. It never really had a chance against the much larger animal. It did not take long for the snake to decide it had enough and it began hastily fleeing the scene. Even then, the squirrel was not giving up, it really wanted that snake gone!

As for why these two were fighting, there could be a bevy of reasons. However, we believe the most likely scenario is the squirrel could have possibly had young nearby. There is the possibility the snake could have been defending its territory and simply chose the wrong squirrel to mess with. We'll never really know.

In any case, this video goes to show just how unexpected events that occur in nature can really be and how being in the right place at the right time can lead to very interesting footage.