Chicken Eating Snake
Facebook: Jonny Lucas

Clever Trap Catches Massive, Chicken-Eating Snake

If you own chickens, you know everything wants to eat them.

This chicken owner was tired of a slithery foe eating his livestock. So, with a little innovation, he effectively took care of his problem.

It's really rather clever the way this was set up. It appears to be a chicken for bait with the only path to the bait blocked off by a row of sticks strategically placed in the mud.

The big snake, which appears to be a python or anaconda, slithers into the only path available, which just happens to hold a snare of some kind, trapping the animal.

Big snakes love to eat chickens. Well actually, everything loves to eat chickens. Sometimes chicken wire and a chicken coop just won't do the trick. Snakes can get through small openings in any defensive barrier, and young chicks and chicken eggs are a favorite of sneaky snakes. Free-range chickens are seriously at risk to larger snakes.

Farmers have to be vigilant of these slippery serpents looking for an easy meal. However, good luck finding a snake trap to protect your free-ranging poultry from snake attacks.

In a video Jonny Lucas shared on Facebook, we see a spring snare set for the big predator that'll kill chickens. The monstrous snake sees the chicken and goes in for the kill. It's in for a serious surprise when this homemade spring snare trap captures it and holds tightly to the fighting snake. That'll be the last chicken that snake ever eats.

When dealing with predators and pests on the homestead, you sometimes have to think outside the box if you want your nesting boxes to stay safe. When beasts are at the chicken house, you just need to remove the danger immediately. This trapper certainly did, and caught one huge chicken-eater, ultimately saving the rest of his backyard chickens from peril.

At least we don't have to worry about 10-foot-plus snakes here in the United States!

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