EOTECH Adds Magnifiers to Their Lauded Holographic Weapon Sights Line

EOTECH is enhancing their HWS line and bringing new magnifiers to the table.

EOTECH has debuted three new magnifiers for use in conjunction with their Holographic Weapon Sights to effectively increase the range of accuracy already long proven by the optics brand.

Their HWS systems were enhanced by the existing EOTECH G33 magnifier, which was good enough to earn the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) contract for close-quarters combat sight. So you know they deserve the respect of the experts, and that these new versions will gain your respect, too.

Target acquisition with an EOTECH Holographic Weapon Sight and an EOTECH Magnifier becomes easier to obtain when compared with just about any other equipment.

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Jumping off the popularity of their sights, which give an instantaneous picture of the reticle and target while providing an extra wide field of view, the magnifiers deliver up to 5x magnification and have a constant 1 MOA center dot at all levels.

Unlike the LED-emitted aimpoint in a standard red dot sight or reflex sight, the center dot on an EOTECH reticle stays the same size. The unobstructed target view is great at all distances, and the precise focusing brings everything into perspective.

"EOTECH has long been an industry leader in magnifiers, as evidenced by the fact that our contract with USSOCOM includes both our Holographic Weapon Sights and our G33 magnifiers," said Jeff Stawiarski, Vice President Sales & Marketing at EOTECH. "We're excited to quadruple our offerings in this category for the coming year and bring consumers additional products to help them get on target faster, even at greater distances."

Here's a rundown of the three new high quality offerings.

Model G45 Magnifier

This is the 5x magnifier version, and has a similar weight (12.8 ounces) and dimensional properties (3.7 inches in length) to the existing battle-tested G33 3x magnifier, adding an additional 2x magnification for precise aiming at longer distances.

The optic offers tool-free vertical and horizontal adjustments to center the reticle in the shooter's field of view without changing the HWS's point of impact. Quick transitioning from 5x to 1x is easy with the flip mount. The G45 offers 2.6 inches of eye relief and has a field of view of 4.4 degrees. The MSRP is $669, allowing you to get in on USSOCOM contract quality for a very reasonable price.

Model G43 Magnifier

This is a shrunk-down version of EOTECH's G33 magnifier, making it one of the most compact and lightweight magnifiers available; it is 2.9 inches in length and weighs just 11.3 ounces. Just like the G45, the G43 features a flip mount and tool-free vertical and horizontal adjustments. The same 2.6 inches of eye relief comes standard on this 3x magnifier, but the G43 has a larger field of view of 7.5 degrees. The MSRP falls in at $629.

Model G30 Magnifier

This is the budget-minded option, as EOTECH's G30 with 3x magnification rings in at about half the cost of the G33. It features a quick-detach fixed mount for fast and simple mounting and unmounting behind an HWS. The G30 is 4 inches in length and weighs 9.5 ounces, and offers 2.2 inches of eye relief and has a field of view of 7.3 degrees. The MSRP is $319.

Combine any of these magnifiers with an already-proven holographic sight, and you'll have the experience we had at Industry Day at the Range during SHOT Show 2020. Without much experience shooting while using an HWS, these magnifiers simplified things and made longer shots a lot less intimidating.

It may be another story under the stress of a typical USSOCOM mission, but these civilian-ready magnifiers really can make the difference.