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Remembering the Kenya Terror Attack Video That Revealed a U.S. Navy SEAL on a Secret Mission

YouTube: euronews (in English)

Could this be a U.S. Navy SEAL on a secret mission combating the presumed Kenya terror attack?

Video released depicting a suspected terror attack in Nairobi, Kenya from Tuesday afternoon may have very well captured a U.S. Navy SEAL on a secretive mission to fight against Islamic militants in Africa.

Several armed men are seen helping save the innocent lives of those affected by the office complex attack, but one seems to stand out. The man in question wears civilian clothes and covers his face, a common practice amongst U.S. and UK special forces.

The BBC reported that "a member of the UK Special Forces was involved in the rescue," meaning the subject in the video may not have been American but instead British. All the same, he was seen donning the patch used by U.S. Navy SEAL Team 3.

Look for the patch around the 30-second mark in this video:

Did you see the patch? Business Insider compared it to one available on Amazon, and from the quick glance, it appears it may be a match.

Kenya Terror Attack

The attack left 14 dead and has been claimed by the Islamist al-Shabab (or al-Shabaab) extremist group. Though the Pentagon has been hush-hush about specifics, they have gone as far as to say saying they're "advising and assisting" unnamed countries.

This could mean they're helping the Kenyan military forces with a security operation, as Tuesday's attack is presumed retaliation against the African nation for fighting the Somalian insurgence of terrorism. The U.S. is said to have a presence at the military base Camp Simba, where they likely train special naval special forces.

The attack in Kenya's capital stretched from Tuesday afternoon into Wednesday morning, until Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta proclaimed the siege had ended. The office complex in the city's Westlands district is also home to the Dusit Hotel, and known for the scores of people who move through it on a daily basis.

The good news is, more than 100 people were said to have been rescued amongst the sporadic gunfire, with 30 or so being treated at nearby hospitals. The U.S. State Department did release word that one U.S. citizen was killed in the attack.

This is the first presumed terror attack since 2015's situation at Garissa University College, which saw 148 lives lost.



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Remembering the Kenya Terror Attack Video That Revealed a U.S. Navy SEAL on a Secret Mission