Elon Musk's The Boring Company Releases First L.A. Route Map

Elon Musk has just released a Los Angeles transit route map for his proposed underground tunnel in one of the most revealing looks yet.

Musk's underground transportation startup, the Boring Company, released a fresh map of its proposed routes, covering the greater Los Angeles area with two connections: a north to south path between Sherman Oaks and Long Beach Airport and east to west routes from Santa Monica and the South Bay to Dodger Stadium.

The first route (in blue) runs 6.5 miles, parallel to the famed Los Angeles freeway, with several stops along secondary routes (expansion options not yet finalized) and expansion tunnels to smaller neighborhoods.

To date, the Boring Company has laid out 100-meters worth of tunnel from its SpaceX headquarters, with the goal of clearing the Los Angeles Airport. The proposed underground transportation system uses a series of pods traveling up to 150 miles per hour.

Passengers would park their car atop an outdoor capsule, which would then descend underground and load it onto an electrified platform, shooting it to its destination.

The next step is for its proof of concept tunnel to be approved by Los Angeles County government for further expansion. Initially, it would be used for non-passenger transport activities with a focus on safety testing and construction logistics.

Phase 2 will incorporate more governmental and resident feedback on optimal station locations.