Elevated Hunting Blind
YouTube: Kevin Robinson

Hunter Builds Ridiculously Cozy Elevated Hunting Blind With Electricity and Running Water

This elevated deer hunting blind is ridiculously cozy.

While we love deer hunting, we don't always love the elements. Rain, snow, wind and cold can be rough when you're several days into the season and your tree stand is starting to feel cramped and uncomfortable. It's hard to get a trophy whitetail if you're sitting at home, so we usually have no choice but to endure the rough conditions in a pop up camo ground blind or ladder deer stand.

However, some hunters choose to work smarter rather than harder and come up with extreme weather resistant and elevated hunting blinds designed specifically with comfortable hunting in mind. That's what we're sharing today from YouTuber Kevin Robinson.

You see, Kevin decided to go beyond a simple tower hunting blind. This extreme box blind has built in electricity, running water, a composting toilet and is sealed against the winds. He even has gear on hand to cook a meal if he gets hungry. Check it out.

We realize that some people may be quick to criticize a hunting stand like this. It does look an awful lot like a children's playhouse doesn't it? Is this taking the once simple concept of the deer blind to an extreme? Maybe a little, but as Kevin notes in the video, he's getting older and he was specifically looking for this kind of comfort and enough space to hunt with his children and grandchildren. Remember that many older hunters are dropping out of the sport every single year. If a box deer blind like this over a food plot keeps him in the game longer, we are all for it.

We love the DIY redneck engineering and use of recycled materials in this shooting house. It gives the whole structure a nice rustic feel. If one really wanted, they could probably head in the night before the season and spend the night in this heavy duty blind. Come morning, when the sun rises, you're already in position without stumbling through the woods with your flashlight. For a two-person hunt, a box like this would be a true luxury. That leather swivel chair sure looks comfy for all-day sit!

The windows here looked a little small, so we think this type of stand would be better situated for gun hunting than bow hunting, but still, we kind of want to try hunting in something like this. And let's admit it, there are some days where everyone would appreciate a blind like this as shelter from the elements!

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