The 5 Best Hunting Chairs to Comfortably Extend Your Day in the Woods

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If you want a successful hunt, you'll often need to stay in the woods for long periods of time. A common mistake hunters make is to break up their hunt (like leaving after the morning and coming back in the late afternoon), but to increase the chance of getting a buck in front of you, you need to be patient. To help make the experience more comfortable, a hunting chair allows you to sit, adjust your angle without making noise, and keep still, making it a great product to add to your gear. To find the best hunting chair for you, ask yourself a few questions. Do you want something you can leave in the blind, something that is light enough to carry back and forth, or do you need a chair that is foldable to easily fit in your truck? Secondly, how do you want it to move? Some chairs are static, while swivel seats allow you to move around to get a shot at any angle. Some chairs even offer shooting support, too, which is nice if you are in a flimsy blind and a turkey walks up and presents a longer shot. The most important spec, however, is comfort. That can mean different things, however. If you're tall or larger in size, you'll need a bigger chair. If you want to relax a little bit, you should get a chair with armrests, or even one with a cup holder. Whatever your needs are, we've got you covered, so check out our top picks below:

1. The Best Hunting Chair That Swivels

ALPS OutdoorZ Stealth Hunter Swivel Blind Chair - Amazon, $119.99

The ALPS OutdoorZ Stealth Blind Chair is a fan-favorite for good reason. It's very comfortable, it folds, and you have the option of getting a chair with armrests or without. We love that it swivels 360-degrees around, so matter how you place it, you will be able to turn to any angle for a shot. This chair has four powder-coated, adjustable steel legs that have large bases to prevent you from sinking into the soft dirt. The overall chair height is also adjustable. Note: this chair is not exactly light. It weighs around 16 pounds, and can be a little tough to pack in and out. Although it does pack down nicely with a folding seat and a carry strap. This is a good chair to leave in a stand for an extended amount of time, but you'll need to make sure you don't let it get wet — so perhaps either bring a tarp or buy this one if you don't mind carrying extra weight.

2. This Chair With A 500-Pound Weight Limit

Guide Gear Big Boy Hunting Blind Chair - Amazon, $124.99

If you want a chair with a little more room and support, the Guide Gear Hunting Blind Chair is the chair for you. This 19-inch-wide is made with a breathable mesh fabric that's waterproof to prevent both sweating and slippage. This hunting chair also swivels around 360 degrees, offering you accessibility to prime shots or hunting gear beside or behind you. It is also built with a wide base and secure feet to make sure it is not going anywhere, and the chair can also support up to 500 pounds. While this chair weighs 19 pounds, it comes with a travel strap to carry it with and folds up nicely. This heavy-duty pick is built to last for years to come, and is a great choice for any hunter.

3. The Most Comfortable Hunting Chair

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Ever Advanced 360-Degree Hunting Chair - Amazon, $154.99

If you're looking for a comfortable chair that you won't mind sitting for hours in, this option by Ever Advanced has all of the bells and whistles: it features armrests, a cup holder, and has a padded seat and back. It also has sturdy duck feet that will work on any terrain and prioritizes stability. Some things to note: it's weight limit is 300 pounds and it weighs around 21 pounds, so this one might be best if you have a hunting cart with you. One reviewer wrote: "This chair is well designed and made. It seems sturdy and durable. It's highly adjustable. The chair swivels easily and quietly. It's like baby bear's chair - not too soft and not too hard. It's not too large or awkward looking. It's on the pricier side, but it definitely feels worth the investment."

4. A Chair With the Option To Add A Shooting Stick

Millennium Treestands G100 Shooting Chair - Amazon, $199.99

G101 Shooting Stick Mount - Amazon, $62.85

The Millennium Treestands G100 Shooting Chair has a bit of flair. The obvious thing that sets it apart from a normal ground blind chair is the option to add a shooting stick. While they are sold separately, you can add on this G101 shooting stick mount, and then your shooting stick of choice. A great option if you're looking for the help, but the chair itself is also solid: it's made of high-quality fabric and features three durable all-aluminum, powder-coat finished legs. The maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds, and it also has a 360-degree swivel option. Even without the shooting stick, this is a premium chair that can only be made better with its unique add on.

5. This Lightweight, Budget-Friendly Option

Primos Double Bull Tri-Stool - Amazon, $40.81

The Primos Double Bull Tri Stool is a simple, no-frills option that costs around $40. If you want a quick and easy chair that you can bring with you from spot to spot without too much hassle, this is it. The triangle shape means that each of your legs can go off to either side and you can maneuver yourself however you want. It can support up to 300 pounds, and the camo pattern is also a nice touch.