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Electric Lighters Under $20: Butane-Free & Camper-Friendly

An electric lighter is one of those gadgets that will come in handy over and over again if you're out camping or trying to start a bonfire in the wind, they're more reliable than a traditional lighter. 

Trying to light a fire in a windy situation can be frustrating, and butane lighters usually don't function so well in wet or windy conditions. All you need to recharge these lighters is a USB charging cable and a USB port, and then you're all set, no more replacing disposable lighters or finding yourself in a bind when your butane lighter runs out of fuel when you need it. They're super easy to travel with, too.

These electric lighters are butane-free and super affordable on Amazon, and traveling with a windproof and flameless electronic lighter is a great idea if you know you'll be somewhere with extremely wet conditions or as a "just in case" gadget. You won't want to use a normal cigarette lighter or torch lighter ever again (okay, you might still want to use them, but we swear these flameless electric lighters are super handy).

Pros of Owning an Electric Lighter:

Other than being windproof, electric lighters come in handy for many reasons. They're rechargeable, meaning you won't have to refill them with lighter fluid. They are also more eco-friendly than disposable lighters. Just think about all those BIC lighters you've thrown out. (And no, you can't recycle a BIC lighter.)

So, if you're eco-friendly, you'll want to consider an electric lighter.

They also make great gifts. Surely one might be thankful for a gifted lighter, but an electric lighter will make some fellow campers (or candle lovers) excited. Inform them of all the pros of using one, and they'll be happy about not spending any more cash on disposable lighters.

Best Electric Lighters

1. SUPRUS Electric Lighter, $16

This USB rechargeable electric lighter is a best seller on Amazon, and people have written raving reviews. The sleek stainless steel body makes it incredibly durable, and there is a safety feature that doesn't allow the lighter to function properly unless the safety switch is pressed first. It uses LED lights for a battery indicator, and the windproof plasma beam makes this perfect for camping or windy barbecue days. It comes with a gift box too, making it an easy present to give to the camper in your life.

2. RONXS Lighter Compact Electric Lighter, $12

Instead of buying countless disposable lighters, this single flameless electric lighter will work for years. This rechargeable windproof lighter uses electric plasma instead of butane, and it boasts up to 500 lights on a full charge. This multipurpose electric arc lighter is perfect for camping or using around the house as a candle lighter.

This post was originally published on June 24, 2021.