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Cape Cod Anglers Hear the Otherworldly Sounds of an Earthquake at Sea

Earthquake on Water
YouTube: B & D Jiggin' Adventures

The sounds of an earthquake on the water are quite eerie.

Imagine you are out on the boat with your buddy for a day of fishing when the sudden calm and stillness of the water is interrupted by a sudden, low, otherworldly sound that you have never heard before. Sounds spooky right? There is a chance you may have just heard an earthquake from the water.

As most people know, sound always travels better over water. Perhaps that is why the fishermen in this video were able to hear the Earth shaking from their boat. Fortunately, they had a camera running and it captured the whole thing on video.

Turn up your volume a bit. It is a very low and strange sound that takes these guys completely by surprise.

That sound was downright creepy. We must agree, it did sound a little like a sub-sonic jet plane flying at low altitude. However, there was just something that was off about it. We cannot imagine hearing something like that while on the water and not knowing what it was. When you are on the ocean, you are vulnerable to the elements. Hearing a strange noise that you do not recognize is enough to rattle anybody.

One of the anglers in the video responded to some of the comments. He said they were completely puzzled about what had just happened until someone on the mainland texted to tell them about the quake. Earthquakes are not exactly a common occurrence in Cape Cod, so that was probably the last thing on these guy's minds when they heard it. We can only imagine what may have been running through their heads in that moment. I know I would be thoroughly spooked.

We are not exactly sure what exactly we are hearing with this sound. However, we are glad we saw this video so in case something similar ever happens on one of our fishing adventures, we will know what we are hearing!

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Cape Cod Anglers Hear the Otherworldly Sounds of an Earthquake at Sea