Early Season Turkey Scouting with Cabela's Reminds Us It's Just Around the Corner

Want to get excited for spring? Check out some early season turkey scouting and hunting with Cabela's.

These dedicated turkey hunters team up with Cabela's and head south of the Mason-Dixon line to conduct a youth turkey hunt and pre-season scouting for those big gobblers.

The south provides some spectacular hunting opportunities, and with youth hunting starting as early as march, now is the time to start scouting the birds.

Try to work in scouting opportunities into your routine, get out and walk those woods and fields early and in the evenings to start getting an idea of their movements. This is especially important on public land to give yourself the advantage over less dedicated hunters.

Once you start locating their roosting areas and nesting cover you just have to keep checking on the birds from time to time as there is a tendency for turkey to sometimes relocate, especially if there are well established farms nearby that offer feed pile opportunities after the winter from cattle feeding operations.

With a solid picture of turkey locations, habits, movements and land permissions lined up, you will be well ahead of the game and significantly increase your chances of bagging a big tom this spring. Scouting is just as important as your turkey hunting gear for a successful hunt this season.