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Eagle Snags Red Fox Pup and Steals Its Rabbit in Viral Video

eagle snags red fox pup
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In this succinct video a bald eagle snags a red fox pup at top speed. 

The photographer, Kevin Ebi, noticed the young fox pup caught a rabbit and held it in its mouth. The commotion took place on San Juan Island National Historical Park. Ebi claims the next thing he heard was the screeching of an eagle. The bald eagle snags the red fox pup and lifts it into the air.

Don't believe me? See for yourself.

Eagle snags red fox pup
Kevin Ebi/

You would think the fox would let go for fear of its life, however, it fought just as hard as the eagle. The young fox held on for dear life. Clearly these large birds are not intimidated by predators especially if they provide an easy meal.

bald eagle
Kevin Ebi/Living

According to Ebi, the fox ended up being just fine, yet lacking a meal that the eagle successfully stole.

San Juan Island National Historical Park
Kevin Ebi/

Always be careful when viewing wildlife of any kind. Tourist or viewers sometimes underestimate animals, and they are sometimes injured in parks because of it.

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Eagle Snags Red Fox Pup and Steals Its Rabbit in Viral Video