coyote hunters score $9240

Coyote Hunters Score $9,240 for Bag of 20

Two coyote hunters score $9240 for one of the largest predator hunts east of the Mississippi.

They didn't even harvest the most animals. However, two coyote hunters score $9,240 when they brought 20 coyotes to the scale at the 2017 Eastern Predator Calling Championship.

Alex Poole and Logan Jones of Lynchburg beat out the closest opponent by one coyote.

The city of Wytheville, VA, is where hunters from states such as Maine and Maryland converged for prize money totaling $15,000.

The most animals brought to Wytheville were 31 foxes from Maryland all loaded in the back of the hunters' truck. They won prize money totaling $1450.

A total of 300 predator hunters participated in the weekend championship from the hours of 6 p.m. Friday until 4 p.m. Sunday.

The animals are a nuisance and farmers and landowners appreciate hunters removing the animals from their properties.

The event organizer, James Groseclose, said he hopes to make the event an annual competition.

Additional prizes were given for the biggest coyote, fox and bobcat.

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