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Duck Dynasty: The Guide to All Things Robertson

Test your "Duck Dynasty" knowledge because "You can talk any redneck into a challenge."

"Duck Dynasty" was an American original reality TV series that aired from 2012 to 2017 on the A&E Network. The series took a sometimes comical look at the lives of the Robertson clan, which successfully created a family-operated business called Duck Commander, both a duck call brand and the overarching name of the company that stemmed into Buck Commander, Strut Commander, and other merchandising opportunities.

When family patriarch Phil Robertson started the business way back in 1973, he may not have known what the end result would be. In hindsight, it sure was a big one.

Some folks will remember the Robertson names and faces first appeared on the lesser known but popular hunting series Benelli Presents "Duck Commander" and "Buck Commander," which aired on the Outdoor Channel. Keen fans will point to the "Duckmen" hunting films that the Robertson family made even before that. And of course, the original "Duck Dynasty" reality series itself created so much interest and so much money that the inevitable spinoffs were easy to see coming. These included "Jep & Jessica: Growing the Dynasty" and "Going Si-Ral."

But after 11 seasons of opening to the insanely popular song "Sharp Dressed Man" by the famed band ZZ Top, it was "Duck Dynasty" on A&E that brought Louisiana hunting culture to so many American households.

Duck Dynasty Cast

The show's family of characters stems from patriarch and matriarch Phil Robertson and his wife Marsha Kay or "Miss Kay" Robertson. Phil is the Duck Commander company's founder and president, while Miss Kay serves as Vice President.

The Robertson Children

  • Willie Jess Robertson (CEO of Duck Commander)
  • Jason Silas "Jase" Robertson (COO of Duck Commander)
  • Jules Jeptha "Jep" Robertson
  • Marshall Alan Robertson (known as Alan)

The Robertson Wives

  • Korie, married to Willie
  • Melissa Louise "Missy," married to Jase
  • Jessica Pamela, married to Jep
  • Lisa, married to Alan

Willie Robertson and his wife Korie Robertson have six children together, including one foster child and two adopted children. Jase and his wife Missy have three children, Jep and his wife Jessica have five children, and Alan along with his wife Lisa have two daughters.

The eldest son, Alan, doesn't have the same responsibilities as the other three brothers, but is still involved in PR work for Duck Commander. Jase is in charge of the manufacturing process for the company (it is said that he and other employees tune every Duck Commander call by hand). Jep films and edits all family duck hunts, but it is Willie that is the CEO of the company and whose leadership has brought much of the fame and fortune to the family.

Si Robertson

Silas "Uncle Si" Robertson, Phil Robertson's brother, is the man that made almost every single reed that went into the company's duck calls for many years. His role at the company has evolved, and his role in the TV series was definitely one of the comedic persuasion.

As a Vietnam war veteran with a penchant for sweet tea, Uncle Si a great storyteller and well known for ending almost ever other sentence with "Jack."

What Made "Duck Dynasty" So Popular?

There's something about a familial group that embraces things that outsiders may perceive as negative. For example, the Robertsons are a proud redneck family, one that uses the term more loosely and regularly as any family on a major cable network did before.

You also cannot doubt the role that religion played in "Duck Dynasty," and the fact that the Robertsons are unapologetically devout Christians. This also marked one of the first times such a religious family was given the spotlight in a major cable network show, and it's been an important part of everything the Robertson family has done since.

Of course, the members of the Robertson family were full of witty sayings and one-liners that helped put the show on the general public's radar. There's nothing like a little humor at your own expense to get a good laugh out of your audience.

Here's just a small selection of some of our favorites.

  • "When you don't know what you're doing it's best to do it quickly."
  • "Ducks are like women. They don't like a lot of mud on their butts."
  • "Hey, you want something done right, don't ask me."

One of the most interesting facts about Phil comes not just from his creation of the Duck Commander empire, but from his life prior to that stage. Back in his collegiate days at Louisiana Tech University, he was the starting quarterback for the football team, ahead of future NFL Hall of Fame QB Terry Bradshaw.

The only problem was that football season conflicted with duck hunting season. So naturally, his sports days eventually ended.

The Last Word

"Duck Dynasty" went from a great idea to one of the most popular reality shows ever created in the United States. The tale of man and his family going from rags-to-riches is a popular one, but was never told this way before.

Yet, Robertson became a household name powered by faith and profound convictions, all while building a love for waterfowl hunting into a multimillion dollar business. Phil and his family members have turned duck hunting into a phrase that every American now knows, and are a large contributor towards the betterment of the outdoor industry as a whole.

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