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Dry Firing a Crossbow Is a Bad Idea

dry firing a crossbow

Dry firing a crossbow is a quick way of destroying it.

This shooter made an unimaginable mistake during practice.

Watch the video below and see why dry firing a crossbow is always a bad idea.

Watching this video is like watching a train wreck. You can’t stop it, but you can’t turn away either.

YouTuber Alvis Patterson shared a video of a cautionary tale. While target shooting with lighted knocks, his shots were right on. Everything is going well until he forgets to add a bolt to his crossbow. With the next shot, he hears a loud crack. Who knows what kind of damage that caused, but his trip was definitely put to a quick end.

Some crossbows out there have anti-dry firing safety features, but many don’t. Always make sure there is an arrow in any bow before you fire. You can easily destroy a good bow or seriously hurt yourself.

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Dry Firing a Crossbow Is a Bad Idea