diy mini reverse crossbow

How Cool is This DIY Mini Reverse Crossbow?!

Ever need a home workshop project for a rainy day? This one's sure to be a hit with just about anyone.

How about building your very own reverse draw mini crossbow?

Ever get bored when stuck in the house and need one very cool project to pass the time? Why not build a tiny crossbow?

In a video shared by a Youtuber who goes by Raduka, we see a sped-up series of steps to build a DIY mini reverse crossbow. This miniature crossbow even has a tiny bolt and a cocking tool. When fired, that little bolt sure flies with speed from this DIY mini crossbow project.

When the snow is packed above your windows or the rain has turned your landscape into a lake remember this project. It is a sure way to defeat cabin fever, one tiny crossbow bolt at a time.