Drop Tine Buck
YouTube: Whitetail Properties

Bowhunter Smokes a 200-inch Kansas Drop Tine Buck

This guy makes it happen on the buck of a lifetime.

Everyone has a special big buck they have pursued at one time or another. That true giant that just proved more elusive than any other buck in the woods. The one that shows on trail camera often, but just does not seem to cooperate when it comes time to be sitting in your blind or treestand.

Such bucks are like ghosts of the forest and can cause a lot of sleepless nights. Especially when it is the buck of a lifetime. However, sometimes hard work pays off in a big way.

Case in point is Whitetail Properties co-founder Pete Alfano's quest for a giant Kansas buck with multiple drop tines. It is a multi-year pursuit to down this once-in-a-lifetime animal and the buck does not make it easy for him. The entire journey to harvest this deer was captured on video and serves as a good lesson on never giving up.

The big lesson we take away from this video is that you cannot always hope to get lucky on these big whitetails. Sometimes you need to put in some hard work to modify that deer's behavior and make him come to you. Creating a fresh watering hole was a lot of work, but it paid off for Pete with the buck of a lifetime. Even if it required a little more patience than he probably originally hoped for.

You know what they say, bucks do not get that large by being stupid. Fortunately, Pete was able to play to the deer's base instincts and need for water during dry conditions to finally get a shot on his dream deer. Kudos to him for having the patience to pass some of those other bucks too. That could not be easy to let them go.

In the end, this is the best kind of hunting story. A multi-year quest that eventually ends with the hunter harvesting the buck in his prime. Amazing story and an all-around excellent hunt Pete. Congratulations on the deer of a lifetime!

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